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Who is Hmh?

I am a Debian Developer for quite a few years now, and the current maintainer of ibm-acpi/thinkpad-acpi, aka "ThinkPad ACPI Extras" Linux kernel driver for ThinkPad laptops.

I am also involved with the tp_smapi and HDAPS Linux drivers, as a beta-tester and power-user. I don't list myself as a developer for those projects because I have never contributed a single line of code to them, just suggestions and bug reports ;-)

My ThinkPads

I own just a simple T43 model 2687-DDU. It is a great machine: a very solid ThinkPad, with its own set of annoying quirks just like any other IBM-era ThinkPad. The SATA-PATA bridge, tg3 noise at full network load, and lack of support for AHCI being the worst ones IMHO.


Linux noobs

The Linux explosion since January 2007 means that (probably) a (slim) majority of Linux users aren't "nerds." As one of these people, a major frustration I have using Linux is reading guides where the author tells you what he did without saying how he did it. That said, the technical users are an integral part of the Linux community and knowing technical details, even if you're not a Linux nerd, will help you more easily use GNU/Linux, so, I don't plan on dumbing things down, but I will clarify unclear sections so that newer users will know what to do without much difficulty, even at the expense of word count. SteveSims 22:13, 25 September 2007 (UTC)