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About me

I'm an unix system administrator, mainly focused at BSDs and Linux. I use my Thinkpad for both, work and free time and while I'm off-duty, I draw comics and write anything from short stories to novels. I love taking my Thinkpad with me to various places to help me find the inspiration I need when writing. Most of the places are very remote, so I really appreciate the long battery life the high power battery and optimized power usage in Linux provide me.

I've been a friend of alternative OSes since I got my first computer at 1985. I've run TOS, OS/2 and now Linux as my primary operating system. I don't actually have any Microsoft products in use at all. Most of my experience with servers comes from FreeBSD or NetBSD-systems, but my real area of expertice is desktop linux in both corporal and home use.

Current hardware

ThinkPad T41

  • Model 2373-4QG

Retired IBM hardware