Ultrabay Devices

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This is a collection of the available devices; for more information see the main page, Ultrabay.

IBM originally used the CamelCase "UltraBay", but later switched to the standard "Ultrabay" with a small letter "b".

UltraBay (original) Devices

  • Floppy Drive UltraBay 1.44MB FDD
  • Floppy Drive UltraBay 2.88MB FDD
  • HDD Adapter UltraBay HDD Adapter
  • Battery UltraBay Battery
  • UltraBay Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD)
  • UltraBay IBM Wireless Modem for ARDIS
  • UltraBay TV Tuner
  • UltraBay PCMCIA Cartridge

UltraBay "thick" Devices

  • CD-ROM Drive UltraBay CD-ROM Drive

UltraBay II Devices

UltraBay FX Devices

UltraslimBay Devices

Ultrabay 2000 Devices

Ultrabay Plus Devices

Ultrabay Slim Devices

Ultrabay Enhanced Devices

Serial Ultrabay Slim Devices

Serial Ultrabay Enhanced Devices

The Serial Ultrabay Enhanced bay has the same width and depth as the Serial Ultrabay Slim, but is 3mm higher. So Ultrabay Slim devices will mechanically fit but leave a gap of about 3mm at the top. There is no official 2nd HDD adapter for the Serial Ultrabay Enhanced. To add a harddisk (or SSD) instead of the optical bay, Lenovo recommends to use the thinner Serial Ultrabay Slim Hard Drive Bay Adapter III. Alternatively, unofficial full-height ultrabay HDD adapters can be found from from third-party vendors.