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==Serial Ultrabay Enhanced Devices==
==Serial Ultrabay Enhanced Devices==
The Serial Ultrabay Enhanced bay has the same width and depth as the Serial Ultrabay Slim, but is 3mm higher. So Ultrabay Slim devices will mechanically fit but leave a gap of about 3mm at the top. There is no official 2nd HDD adapter for the Serial Ultrabay Enhanced. To add a harddisk (or SSD) instead of the optical bay, Lenovo recommends to use the thinner [[Ultrabay_Slim_ThinkPad_Serial_Hard_Drive_Bay_Adapter_III|Serial Ultrabay Slim Hard Drive Bay Adapter III]]. Alternatively, unofficial full-height ultrabay HDD adapters can be found from from third-party vendors.
* [[Image:Icon20_dvd.png|DVD-ROM Drive]] [[Serial Ultrabay Enhanced DVD-ROM Drive]]
* [[Image:Icon20_dvd.png|DVD-ROM Drive]] [[Serial Ultrabay Enhanced DVD-ROM Drive]]

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This is a collection of the available devices; for more information see the main page, Ultrabay.

IBM originally used the CamelCase "UltraBay", but later switched to the standard "Ultrabay" with a small letter "b".

UltraBay (original) Devices

  • Floppy Drive UltraBay 1.44MB FDD
  • Floppy Drive UltraBay 2.88MB FDD
  • HDD Adapter UltraBay HDD Adapter
  • Battery UltraBay Battery
  • UltraBay Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD)
  • UltraBay IBM Wireless Modem for ARDIS
  • UltraBay TV Tuner
  • UltraBay PCMCIA Cartridge

UltraBay "thick" Devices

  • CD-ROM Drive UltraBay CD-ROM Drive

UltraBay II Devices

UltraBay FX Devices

UltraslimBay Devices

Ultrabay 2000 Devices

Ultrabay Plus Devices

Ultrabay Slim Devices

Ultrabay Enhanced Devices

Serial Ultrabay Slim Devices

Serial Ultrabay Enhanced Devices