Ultrabay 2000 Floppy Drive

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stock picture of Ultrabay 2000 Floppy Discette Drive module


This is a "3.5-inch" floppy drive for the Ultrabay 2000. Also known in IBM literature as 'ThinkPad Removable Diskette Drive' (from announcement letter 106-068).

  • 3.5" Floppy drive
  • Reads/writes 1.44 MB and 720 kB floppy disks
  • Externally attachable with cable kit.

Part numbers

  • Marketing PN: 08K9603
  • Sony MPF72C-1
    • FRU P/N 05K9207 (ASM P/N 05K9205, 0006 A06)
    • FRU PN: 08K9607 (ASM 08k9605, JAN2002 A08)
  • FRU PN: 08K9606 (TEAC) (ASM PN 08K9604)
  • FRU P/N 05K9206, ASM P/N 05K9204 (TEAC FD-05CSB)

picture of drive unit inside of module, module labelled top cover removed

FDD External Cable Kit Option PN: 27L0524


  • parallel port to 770-style Floppy Connector adapter
    • FRU 08K6360, ASM 08K6359
  • 770-style connector to Ultrabay 2000 connector cable
    • FRU 27L0525, ASM 27L0526

Supported with

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