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ThinkWiki is going to be build here

Hello Thinkpad users.

Please help to create this wiki. Thanks!


Models (Hardware specs of Thinkpad models)

BIOS Upgrade (How to keep you BIOS up to date)

Battery Treatment (Hints to expand your Thinkpads battery life)

Known Problems (Known problem with certain Thinkpads)


ThinkPad Installation (How to install you favorite OS)

Preload Recovery (How to recover the preloaded OS)

Drivers & Patches:

Drivers (Useful drivers for Thinkpads)

Tools (Useful Tools for Thinkpads)

Patches (Thinkpad related Patches to existing tools or drivers)

Scripts (Thinkpad related scripts)


3D FPS comparisons (glxgears measurements and similar)

To experiment with this wike try ThinkWiki:Sandbox.

Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.