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** PS/2 Mouse
** PS/2 Mouse
** PS/2 Keyboard
** PS/2 Keyboard
** DB9 Serial
** [[Serial Port|Serial (DB9-M)]]
** Parallel Port
** [[Parallel Port|Parallel (DB25-F)]]
** Audio-Out
** Audio-Out
** Headphone connector
** Headphone connector

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IBM ThinkPad Dock II

The Dock II (3546-001 or 84G3587) provides expandability for your IBM ThinkPad notebook models, while providing the same usability as a desktop computer system. Option cables connected or disconnected to your computer can be connected to the Dock I so you can easily carry your computer.

Standard Features

  • Passthrough ports:
  • Security Hook
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Audio-In (direct to speakers, no capture possible)
  • External SCSI II connector (50pin)
  • Optional Internal SCSI device
  • Optional Internal IDE device
  • (1) Type IV, or (1) Type III + (1) Type II, or (2) Type II PCMCIA slots
  • (2) Full size ISA 16 bit slots

ISA Slots

These are Full Height, Full Length 16 bit ISA slots.


Internal and External SCSI II connectors are available.

Internally there is space for the following:

  • (1) 1" high SCSI device, either a CD-ROM drive or a HDD
  • (1) Half-Height device

SCSI Chipset is an ancient Adaptec AHA-1520


An Internal 50pin IDE connector is available.


Two PCMCIA slots are available, these are the valid configurations:

  • Type II (x2)
  • Type II (x1) + Type III (x1)
  • Type IV (x1)

Supported ThinkPads