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13.05.2007: Intel released PowerTOP, helps to prolong battery life.

09.05.2007: New user creation enabled again, now using a captcha protection.

26.04.2007: Linux 2.6.21 has been released including Dynticks and Clockevents

13.04.2007: New user creation disabled temporarily due to spam bots corrupting pages.

15.03.2007: Please help build the brand new vaiowiki.org!

21.02.2007: According to an unverified blogpost, a group of people led by Jerome Glisse begun to work on an open-source driver for the R500 series. Those chips are common in newer ThinkPads.

31.12.2006: ibm-acpi 0.13-20061231 stable release patches for Linux 2.6.18 and 2.6.19 available at the ibm-acpi sourceforge page

22.12.2006: ibm-acpi 0.13 merged into Linux 2.6.20-rc2, adding advanced fan control