Tablet Hardware Buttons

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Tablet Hardware Buttons

The X41 Tablet includes hardware buttons located on the LCD screen bezel. They are designed to be used when the ThinkPad is converted to the tablet configuration (though they are still accessible when in the laptop configuration).

The X41 Tablet hardware buttons include1:

  • Power (with sliding lock)
  • Cltr-Alt-Del [sic]
  • Page up
  • Page down,
  • Enter
  • Escape
  • Screen Rotation
  • Tablet shortcut menu

Linux Support

The hardware buttons (except power) are recognized by the standard atkbd kernel driver which emits the following scancodes:

Key X41 Scancode X60 Tablet Scancode
Page up 0x6D NA
Page down 0x6E NA
Enter 0x69 0x69
Esc 0x6B 0x6B
Toolbox 0x68 0x68
Rotate 0x6C 0x6c
(Unlabeled) 0x67 NA
Right NA 0x6D
Left NA 0x6E
Up NA 0x71
Down NA 0x6F

The utility setkeycodes can be used to map these scancodes to keycodes. Read $ man setkeycodes for usage. For example, the following command will map the page up and page down buttons to their respective keys:

# setkeycodes 6e 109 6d 104

Models featuring this Device

  1. According to the IBM/Lenovo X41 Tablet website.