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#REDIRECT [[Ethernet Daughter Card (EDC)]]
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=== Ethernet Daughter Card (EDC) ===
This is a Ethernet Adapter that is installed in a CDC slot.
=== Features ===
* Chipset: Intel
* Speeds: 10/100
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=== IBM Partnumbers ===
IBM FRU PN: 26P8069, 26P8181, 91P7663
=== Also known (in IBM literature) as.... ===
* Ethernet Daughter Card (EDC)
* Ethernet daughter card board
* Ethernet daughter card (Ambit)
* EDC board
=== Linux driver ===
This card will work with the standard 'e100' Linux driver as part of any recent 2.4 or 2.6 kernel<br>
Alternatively the older 'eepro100' driver should also work.
=== ThinkPad's this card may be found in ===
* [[:Category:A30|A30]], [[:Category:A30p|A30p]], [[:Category:A31|A31]], [[:Category:A31p|A31p]]
* [[:Category:T23|T23]]
* [[:Category:X22|X22]]
[[Category:Drivers]] [[Category:A30]] [[Category:A30p]] [[Category:A31]] [[Category:A31p]] [[Category:T23]] [[Category:X22]]

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