Ethernet Controllers

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Internal Ethernet controller

All ThinkPad's produced the last several years have one of three Ethernet controllers integrated.

The Ethernet controller is located on either a MiniPCI card or Communications Daughter Card, or integrated on the systemboard.

3COM 10/ 100 Ethernet Mini PCI Adapter With 56k Modem

Chipset: 3c556b
Driver: 3c59x
IBM Partnumber: 22P7594

This adapter is located on a MiniPCI card, together with a 3Com Modem (for which no Linux driver exists). This card is only supported on the following machines:

  • A20m, A20p
  • A21m, A21p, A21e
  • T20, T21, T22, T23
  • X20, X21
  • TransNote

Intel 10/100

Chipset: Various Intel Mobile Ethernet chips
Driver: e100

The e100 driver is the suggested driver, but 'eepro100' should also work.
On older ThinkPad's this is implemented on a MiniPCI card, on newer ThinkPad's this is integrated into the systemboard.

Intel 10/100/1000

Driver: e1000

This chip is integrated into the systemboard.
Note: This chip support Auto-MDX, meaning you will never need a crossover ethernet cable.