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This page offers information about the history of ThinkPad computers and also general information. Hardware Specifications can also be found.

The following is a list of various series of Thinkpad computers:

  • Thinkpad A: All in One Notebooks, heavy, large, three spindle machines, all drives internal, two swappable drive bays. This line has been discontinued.
  • Thinkpad R: Traditionally the budget laptop line, there are now 'mobile workstation' configurations to replace the now-discontinued A-series.
  • Thinkpad G: Desktop replacement machines built on desktop processors, large and heavy with limited battery runtime.
  • Thinkpad T: Slimline Notebook, two drives internal, light and thin with one swappable bay.
  • Thinkpad X: Subnotebook, very small and light, hard drive internal, no internal optical drive, small screen.
  • Thinkpad I: Budget consumer series notebooks manufactured by Acer under license from IBM. (No longer manufactured)
  • Only numbers: Classic models. (No longer manufactured)

The subcategories below are collections of all information regarding specific models of ThinkPads.

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