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The following is a list of various [[Thinkpad_series|series]] of Thinkpad computers.
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* '''Thinkpad A''': All in One Notebooks, heavy, large, three spindle machines, all drives internal, two swappable drive bays. This line has been discontinued.
* '''Thinkpad R''': Traditionally the budget laptop line, there are now 'mobile workstation' configurations to replace the now-discontinued A-series.
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* '''Thinkpad G''': Desktop replacement machines built on desktop processors, large and heavy with limited battery runtime.
* '''Thinkpad T''': Slimline Notebook, two drives internal, light and thin with one swappable bay.
* '''Thinkpad X''': Subnotebook, very small and light, hard drive internal, no internal optical drive, small screen.
* '''Thinkpad I''': Budget consumer series notebooks manufactured by Acer under license from IBM. (No longer manufactured)
* '''Only numbers''': Classic models.  (No longer manufactured)

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This page offers information about the various models published throughout the history of ThinkPad computers.
You can also read about the origin of the ThinkPad brand.
If you need more detailed information about a specific model, try to find it within the Hardware Specifications page.

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If your ThinkPad model series is not listed here yet, please read the Adding a new ThinkPad series or category to ThinkWiki page.

The following is a list of models from various series of ThinkPad laptops:

Current Series

  • ThinkPad 11e: Small and compact low-end laptops for the education environment, supersedes the X1xx series.
  • ThinkPad P: High-end mobile workstations for content creation and digital audio mixing. Supersedes the entire W series.
  • ThinkPad T: Portable high-end laptops for business trips and programming, supersedes the entire 6xx series.
  • ThinkPad X: Ultraportable and ultracompact high-end laptops for frequent travels, supersedes the entire 5xx series.
  • ThinkPad R: Simply E series models with aluminium display lids. Supersedes the entire 3xx series.
  • ThinkPad L: Portable mid-end laptops for business trips and programming, supersedes the SLx10 series.
  • ThinkPad E: Very affordable re-branded mid-end IdeaPads with a TrackPoint and an UltraNav, supersedes the SLx00 series.
  • ThinkPad Y: High-performance laptops targeting gaming performance including Legion 3, 5 and 7
  • ThinkPad Tablet: Ultraportable and light tablets for light work.
  • ThinkPad Yoga: 2-in-1 convertibles with hinges that can be folded up to 360 degrees, indirectly supersedes the X2xx Tablet series.

Withdrawn Series

  • ThinkPad 8xx: Very heavy but very compact, high-end PReP-compliant laptops for generally running PowerPC-only software.
  • ThinkPad 7xx: Very heavy but compact, high-end mobile workstations for CAD and digital art.
  • ThinkPad 6xx: Portable and light, high-end laptops for occasional business trips and programming.
  • ThinkPad 5xx: Ultraportable and compact high-end laptops for frequent travelers.
  • ThinkPad 3xx: Heavy and compact, mid-end laptops offered as a low budget alternative for the 7xx series.
  • ThinkPad 2xx: Extremely portable and compact mid-end laptops for very frequent travelers.
  • ThinkPad i Series: Very affordable low-end laptops made in collaboration with Acer, some are re-branded models from other ThinkPad series.
  • ThinkPad W: High-end mobile workstations for CAD and digital art, supersedes the entire T series 'p' variants.
  • ThinkPad A: Portable high-end laptops with an AMD SoC, generally uses the case of a T or an X series. Supersedes the entire 7xx series (IBM-wise).
  • ThinkPad SL: Portable low-end laptops for business trips and programming, supersedes the entire R series.
  • ThinkPad S: Very portable and compact mid-end laptops for very frequent travels, supersedes the entire 2xx series.
  • ThinkPad G: Ludicrously heavy and thick, low-end three-spindle desktop replacements for web browsing.
  • ThinkPad Z: Heavy and compact, mid-end laptops for watching movies and multimedia-related tasks.
  • ThinkPad 13: Thin and light mid-end laptops for the education environment, supersedes the E3x0 series.
  • ThinkPad Helix: Thin and compact, mid-end detachable ultraportable 2-in-1 convertible. Indirectly supersedes the X2xx Tablet series as a branch-off.

Single model-only series

  • ThinkPad 25: A special T series model with the odd inclusion of the original 7-row non-chiclet keyboard, based off the T470.
  • ThinkPad Twist: A low-end ultraportable 2-in-1 convertible, was marketed as a cheaper X230 Tablet.
  • ThinkPad Mini 10: An educational institute-only Australian X series model, based off the X100e with a few downgrades.
  • ThinkPad 130: A special Japanese i Series model, based off the i Series 1300.
  • ThinkPad TransNote: A special early X series model modified to scan images from a digital notepad, based off the X20.
  • Palm Top PC 110: A ludicrously tiny and light mid-end laptop for extremely frequent travelling and writing shopping notes.

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