Backing up the preloaded OS

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On recent ThinkPads even if you don't get the Recovery CDs and want to remove your PreDesktop Area, you still have a good chance to get a means of restoring the original state of your ThinkPad later. The only prerequisite is that you still have the preloaded system. (If not, please look at: Recovering without Recovery CDs.)

Coverage of this approach

The original installation includes all the necessary setup files needed to install the system in its original state. Hence this approach - if done properly - leads to the same result as Recovering from Recovery CDs, just with a bit more hassle. Advantage is the customizability of your selfmade recovery media and the enhanced influence you have on the (manual) recovery process.


There are comprehensive instructions on where to find these files and how to back them up to CD-R/DVD-R media hosted at