BIOS Upgrade:Creating a Bootable CD from a Floppy Image

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If You want to create a bootable CD/DVD from floppy image (for ex. to update BIOS in IBM ThinkPad T40) You should follow this steps:

1. You need a floppy image for ex. NAME_OF_FLOPPY_IMAGE.IMG
2. You need the mkisofs
3. You need just to run following command: mkisofs -pad -b NAME_OF_FLOPPY_IMAGE.IMG -R -o /home/your_user_name/cd.iso /patch/to/the/image/file/NAME_OF_FLOPPY_IMAGE.IMG
3b. If the above command doesn't work for you try this one: mkisofs -b NAME_OF_FLOPPY_IMAGE.IMG -o bootcd.iso NAME_OF_FLOPPY_IMAGE.IMG
4. What is what:

-pad                                                           Add padding to the end to make it readable on all CD players

-b NAME_OF_FLOPPY_IMAGE.IMG           -b tells mkisofs which *floppy image* to use for booting. If the floppy image boots as a floppy,it will boot
                                                                  as a CD. Note that there is no path prepended to NAME_OF_FLOPPY_IMAGE.IMG.
                                                                  The NAME_OF_FLOPPY_IMAGE.IMG bootable image is assumed to be relative to the file being imagized,
                                                                  in this case /patch/to/the/image/file/NAME_OF_FLOPPY_IMAGE.IMG

-R                                                               Include Rock-Ridge extensions for readability everywhere

-o /home/your_user_name/cd.iso               This defines the output file, an ISO9660 image ready for burning

/patch/to/the/image/file/NAME_OF_FLOPPY_IMAGE.IMG           This is the file to put on the CD.