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ThinkPad SL Series

This page gives an overview of all ThinkPad SL Series (SL300, SL400, SL500) related topics.

The SL Series-notebooks have IdeaPad firmware, they are not ThinkPads as far as Operating System support (i.e. drivers) are concerned.

Alexandre Rostovtsev has written a driver managing hotkeys, backlight and bluetooth. Please test and report results.


  • CPU
    • Intel Core 2 Duo
      • Works without problems (tested on 2.6.27).
  • Graphics Hardware
    • integrated Intel X4500HD
      • Works without problems (tested on 2.6.27).
    • Discrete NVIDIA GeForce 9300 graphics
      • Works with vesa, nv and the proprietary nVidia driver (tested version 180.06)
  • Displays
    • 13,3" - 15,4" TFTs
      • Work without problems.
  • Interface ports
    • USB
      • Work without problems.
    • FireWire
      • Unknown, but should work.
  • Network interfaces
    • WLAN
      • Intel WiFi Link 5100: Works without problems (iwlagn) (tested on 2.6.27 with 802.11g)
      • Atheros AR5007EG chipset: ath5k should work since 2.6.27 (but I encountered problems connecting to networks). madwifi with proprietary driver is more reliable. See these instructions. Use script to remove module before suspend/hibernate and reload after resume/thaw.The wireless switch on front of case does work, but the wireless LED doesn't light up.
    • WWAN
      • Intel WiMAX/WiFi Link 5350 (UMTS/HSPA): Detected, but I couldn't make it connect (2.6.27)
      • Ericsson F3507g (UMTS/HSPA): Detected on /dev/ttyACM0-2, NetworkManager couldn't connect out of the box, but you can connect with wvdial for example. See more information.
    • LAN
      • Realtek RTL8111/8168B gigabit ethernet: works (tested at 100Mbit).
    • Bluetooth 2.0
      • Integrated chipset: Detected, but not tested (2.6.27)
  • ACPI
    • Suspend (s2ram)
      • Works (2.6.27). For 2.6.26 and earlier, use command "s2ram -f -s".
    • Hibernate (s2disk)
      • Works (2.6.26).
    • Battery state
      • Detected if only battery is used or not. (2.6.27)
      • Battery stage not very exact / maybe completely wrong (2.6.27). Powertop is more accurate than Gnome battery applet.
  • Other stuff
    • Fingerprint reader
      • DeviceID 147e:1000 Upek (
    • Webcam
      • Detected, seems to work (can stream videos) (2.6.27)
    • HDASP
      • Not detected.
  • Hotkeys
    • Buttons for ThinkCare, Volume up, Volume down, Mute in the upper left corner
      • Thinkcare: no keycode shown in xev.
      • Volume up: Works with new driver (keycode 176).
      • Volume down: Works with new driver (keycode 174).
      • Mute: Works with new driver (keycode 160).
    • Fn combinations (if keycode exists, then can be made to work by reassigning keys in /etc/Xmodmap)
      • SysRq (Fn+F1): Prints screen.
      • Lock Screen (Fn+F2): Works with new driver (keycode 146).
      • Manage battery & power (Fn+F3): Works with new driver (keycode 241).
      • Suspend (Fn+F4): Works. If 2.6.26 or earlier, resumes without screen--press Ctrl+Alt+F1, then Ctrl+Alt+F7.
      • Wlan (Fn+F5): Works with new driver (keycode 243).
      • Print Screen (Fn+F6): Works.
      • LCD/External Monitor (Fn+F7): No effect in Debian Lenny with both screens aways displayed (keycode 214).
      • TrackPointer/Touchpad (Fn+F8): Works with new driver (keycode 159).
      • Manage external devices (Fn+F9): Works with new driver (keycode 204).
      • No function (Fn+F10): Same keycode as F10.
      • Pause (Fn+F11): Works? (keycode 110)
      • Hibernate (Fn+F12): Works with new driver (keycode 165).
      • Screen Lock (Fn+Insert): Doesn't work (keycode 78)
      • Number Lock (Fn+Delete): Works, but the Number Lock LED on right side of keyboard doesn't light up.
      • Brightness Down (Fn+Home): Works with new driver (keycode 101).
      • Brightness Up (Fn+End): Works with new driver (keycode 212).
      • Previous Page (Fn+PageUp): Works with new driver (keycode 234)
      • Next Page (Fn+PageDown): Works with new driver (keycode 233)
      • Stop (Fn+UpArrow): Works with new driver (keycode 164).
      • Pause/Play (Fn+DownArrow): Works with new driver (keycode 162).
      • Play Previous (Fn+ArrowLeft): Works with new driver (keycode 144).
      • Play Next (Fn+ArrowRight): Works with new driver (keycode 153).
      • Magnify Screen (Fn+Space): No keycode.


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