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ThinkPad 365X

This page gives an overview of all ThinkPad 365X related topics. Note the base model for the 365X and 365XD is the same , model 2625 with the Intel Pentium CPU

Standard Features

  • Intel Pentium 100, 120 or 133 MHz CPU
  • Trident Cyber9320 video controller with 1MB
  • PCI bus archecture
  • 8MB memory standard (fixed)
  • 1x 144 pin 70ns EDO SODIMM expansion slot
  • Hard drive options (12.5mm or 2.5 inch IDE)
    • 720MB FRU 85G8371
    • 810MB FRU 39H2220
    • 810MB FRU 07H0392
    • 1.086GB FRU 39H2221
    • 1.35GB FRU 73H6419
    • 2.1GB FRU 73H6427
  • ES1688 Audio controller
  • 1.44MB FDD (non-removable)
  • IrDA 1.0
  • (2) Type II, or (1) Type III PCMCIA slot


  • RAM up to 32MB offical , 64MB unoffical
  • Hard Drive up to 8.9GB with the latest firmware
  • Swap the floppy drive for a CD-ROM drive from the 365XD

ThinkPad 365X