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I doubt it could be the Matshita UJ-846-B, because that is a 12.7mm drive. Ultrabay Slim takes 9.5mm drives.

My T61 came with a multi-burner. The software (dmesg, /proc/scsi/scsi, wodim) sees it as a "HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-U10N". Is that the same as Hitachi-LG Data Storage Inc. GSA-4083N, or a different model?

There are three logos on the drive itself: DVD, multi-recorder, and CD-RW. This might be help other people figure out whether they have a multi-burner or a DVD/CD-RW combo (the separate CD-RW logo misled me).

Slow disc read

Has anyone else noticed that the GSA-4083N is kind of slow on the read side? When ripping with grip (uses cdparanoia as backend), I only get like 1.5x speed if I'm lucky on undamaged disks. Similarly, if I dd if=/dev/hda of=img.iso with a data disc in the drive, I only get an average transfer rate of ~2-3MB/s whearas I get about double that on my desktop drive. Is this just to be expected from laptop drives?

For all I know it could write slow too, but despite the fact that I was sure to get the dual layer writer, I hardly ever use it.