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Is suspend-to-ram working for anybody? The piix sata drivers seem to hang after resume. The drive spins back up (you can hear it), but the HDD light stays always on, and all disk access commands time out. It works using the generic ide driver, but only without DMA (REALLY SLOW). The ide_piix driver does not recognize the drive.

I've tried kernels 2.6.10 up to 2.6.12-rc3, and any patches I found updating ACPI, sata, etc.

I believe software suspend is completely unsupported on SCSI, so it probably just won't work. And the way libata sees it, the SATA drive in the T43 is a SCSI device.

There exists a patch supporting suspend/resume on SCSI disks, it was recently posted to the linux-kernel mailing list, and will hopefully be inlcuded in the next release =)

Ah, fantastic, I should start reading LKML :)

I have tried to make a kernel several times. But the kernel always doesn't boot. He got into a kernel panik with the message: "VFS: Cannot open root device 'sda3" or unknown block". I don't know nothing more to do. It would be very nice if someone could send me his /usr/src/linux/.config. mail: Thank you a lot.

Has somebody got DMA working for the DVD-ROM Drive? When I try to enable it with hdparm, I always get an Error.

Possibly you need to use initrd so that it can load the module for the sata controller. If you are using make-kpkg i think you can just add --initrd to the arglist.