Windows 11 Lenovo Tools Summary

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This article gives summary of the tools that you may install on your Lenovo Thinkpad.

System Tools

Link Name Comments
40px Lenovo Freestyle
40px Lenovo Go Central Tools to help you manage your Lenovo Go accesories.
LVantageLogo.png Lenovo Vantage Tools to help you manage your computer hardware.
LDependency.png Lenovo System Interface Foundation This are a set of libraries required for Lenovo Settings, Companion and ID to work.
LServiceBridge-Icon.png Lenovo Service Bridge It works as a pluggin for the browser to recognize your model on the Lenovo Support site.
Tvsu.png Lenovo System Update This tool helps you find driver and firmware updates for your computer.

Hardware Utilities/Drivers

Link Name Comments
LHotKeyIcon.png Lenovo Hotkey Features Integration‎ Tool to provide special buttons functions on Thinkpads.
LDiagnostic-icon.png Lenovo Diagnostics Tool to analyze the system hardware.



Link Name Comments
LLegionUtil-Logo.png Legion Accessory Central Help you configure and change the settings for Lenovo Gaming devices.
TPX1 Presenter.png Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Presenter Mouse Software Tool for the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Presenter Mouse Software.



File Sharing / Transfer

Link Name Comments
LMig-logo.png Lenovo Migration Assistant Tool to transfer files from old machines a new one.

Tools for Recommended Applications

Lenovo Mobile Utilities


Link Name Comments
LQuickClean.png Lenovo Quick Clean Windows tool that notify you to clean your hands.

Withdrawn / Discontinued Applications

These are the application that Lenovo has discontinued for Windows 11.

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