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This article gives summary of the tools that you may install on your Lenovo Thinkpad.

System Tools

Link Name Comments
LenovoCompanionIcon.jpg Lenovo Companion Tools to help you manage your computer hardware.
LSettings.png Lenovo Settings A tool to help you configurate your computer hardware settings.
LDependency.png Lenovo System Interface Foundation This are a set of libraries required for Lenovo Settings, Companion and ID to work.
Lenovoid-lock-icon.jpg Lenovo Account Portal Administrative tool to help other Lenovo Windows apps to log with your same Lenovo userID.
LServiceBridge-Icon.png Lenovo Service Bridge It works as a pluggin for the browser to recognize your model on the Lenovo Support site.
Tvsu.png Lenovo System Update This tool helps you find driver and firmware updates for your computer.
LSC-Icon.png Lenovo Solution Center A tool to analyze the system's hardware.

Hardware Utilities/Drivers

Link Name Comments
LActive.png ThinkVantage Active Protection System (Lenovo Airbag Protection) Tool to prevent HDD damage on movement or vibrations.
LHotKeyIcon.png Lenovo Hotkey Features Integration‎ Tool to provide special buttons functions on Thinkpads.
LPower-icon.jpg Lenovo Power Management Driver Set of drivers for Windows to recognize Lenovo power management devices.
LBGauge.png Lenovo Battery Gauge Tool to show you the battery use on the Windows taskbar.
LUtilityIcon-001.png Lenovo Utility Utility for Ideadpad machines.
LYogaMode-icon.png Lenovo Yoga Mode Control Utility to disable Keyboard/Touchpad on Yoga Ideapad machines in tablet mode. .


Game Machines

Link Name Comments
LNerve-Icon.png Lenovo Nerve Center Gives you information about your gaming machine, helps you with network priority and let you share some games videos.
LNerve-Icon.png Lenovo Gaming Zone Gives you information about your gaming machine.


Link Name Comments
MouseSuite-Icon-02.png Lenovo Mouse Suite Tool that adds more functionality to Lenovo Mouse, it also include drivers for some mouse devices.
TrackPointIcon.png Lenovo Thinkpad Keyboard Suite Tool and Driver for the external Thinkpad Keboard with trackpoint.
LUltraslimP-001.png Lenovo Ultraslim Plus Wireless Tool and Driver for the Lenovo Ultraslim Plus Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.
LYKeyboard.png Lenovo Y Keyboard Utility Tool and Driver for the Lenovo Y Keyboard.
LYGamingMouse.jpg Lenovo Y Gaming Precision Mouse Utility Tool and Driver for the Lenovo Y Gaming Precision Mouse.


Link Name Comments
LWriteIt.png Lenovo WriteIt Application to allow you write on Windows with the Pen.
ThinkpadPen-Icon.png Thinkpad Pen Low Battery Notifier This tool helps you manage the Thinkpad Pen. It was also included on the Lenovo System Interface Foundation.

Network / Connectivity

Link Name Comments
LConnect-Icon.png Lenovo Connect Tool to assist you having connectivity when you travel to several countries. (Tool by Cubic Telecom)


Link Name Comments
LArtery.png Lenovo Artery Utility to manage Y27F Gaming Monitors.
LPIP-Icon.png Lenovo PiP Anywhere Utility for Lenovo monitors that supports Picture in Picture. (Thinkvision LT2934zwA and LT3053pwA)


Link Name Comments
LAura-Logo.png Lenovo Aura This is an utility to manage your videos, pictures and music on the Horizon machines.


Link Name Comments
LThinkpadStack.png ThinkPad Stack Assistant Utility to manage the Thinkpad Stack.

File Sharing

Link Name Comments
LConnect2-Icon.png Lenovo Connect2 Tool to share files quickly between devices.
LFamilyC-logo.png Lenovo Family Cloud Tool to share your multimedia files on your network.
LQuickCast.png Lenovo QuickCast Tool to share files from Windows to Windows in the same network.
LNFC-Logo.png Lenovo NFC Connector Tool to transfer files using the NFC functionality of some machines.

Photo / Photo Edition

Link Name Comments
LPhotoM-icon.png Lenovo Photo Master Photo editing and sharing tool.

Tools for Recommended Applications

Link Name Comments
LAppExp-Icon.png Lenovo App Explorer Windows applications that Lenovo recommends apps.
LenovoYogaPicks.png Yoga Picks Windows 10 applications that Lenovo recommends for the Yoga Windows based computers/tablets.
LenovoRecommends.png Lenovo Recommends Windows 10 applications that Lenovo recommends for its computers.

Lenovo Mobile Utilities

Link Name Comments
LSmartAssistant.png Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant Windows tool to configure Lenovo Moto Phones.
LMobileAssis-icon.png Lenovo Mobile Assistant Windows tool to configure Lenovo Phones.

Withdrawn / Discontinued Applications

This are the application that Lenovo has discontinued for Windows 10.

Link Name Comments
LQuickControl.png Lenovo QuickControl DISCONTINUED: Tool to control your Windows PC from a Android phone. Your phone will work like a mouse for the PC.
LReachIt.png Lenovo ReachIt DISCONTINUED: Tool to have your files available to use them anyware on any device.
LQuickOptimizer-Icon.png Lenovo Quick Optimizer DISCONTINUED: Tool to optimize Windows 10 performance. Replaced with Lenovo Companion
LDependency.png ThinkPad Settings Dependency for Windows 10 DISCONTINUED: It was replaced by Lenovo System Interface Foundation.
LShareIt.png Lenovo ShareIt DISCONTINUED: Replaced with Lenovo Connect2. Tool to share files quickly between devices.
LYogaCameraMan-logo.png Lenovo Yoga Camera Man DISCONTINUED: Photo tool for built in camera.
LSmartAssistant.png Lenovo Smart Assistant DISCONTINUED: Updated to Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant. Windows tool to configure Lenovo Phones.

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