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The blank page is a scary thing...

Hi. I'm Chris. My first PC (after an Apple //c) was a ThinkPad 750P purchased new. I sold that, and after a few years, the friend I sold it to gave it back to me. I have had many ThinkPads over the years, and never any other laptop. I also have a couple IBM servers in the house. Awesome machines, each one.

Latest status:

  • 750P - Ubuntu 6.06 LTS installed. No GUI attempted as of yet.
  • 600X - Used sometimes for testing latest distributions.
  • T60 - Daily use running Fedora 8 for web development, and Windows Vista for games.
  • 560E and 570 just sit around collecting dust at the moment.

ThinkPads in the family I maintain:

  • X22, 600E, A30

Linux still doesn't work perfectly on any of my ThinkPads, but I hope to get there some day.

--Whizkid 23:51, 18 February 2008 (CET)