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ThinkPad T43 2687-DDU setup for Debian Sarge

This is an ongoing, spotty guide for an advanced Debian setup of a T43, focused on using absolutely all of its capabilities that can be used. It is not an installation guide, but rather a configuration guide. Refer to Debian for a list of pages with initial installation instructions.

When it is really usable, I will move it to some other far more public place in ThinkWiki.


Baseline kernel: Debian's latest 2.6.15 ( with stabilization patches)

Thinkpad support is an ongoing, bleeding edge effort. One ends up needing to apply a ton of patches and to use the latest available kernel, sometimes even kernels not yet released

Patches employed

  • Latest ipw2200 driver and ieee80211 layer:
  • SATA power-management:
  • freeze-block-queue patch (for HDAPS):
  • ACPI update patches:
  • TP_SMAPI support:
  • Software Suspend2:
  • Linuxant Conexant HSF modem driver:
  • nsc-ircc ISA PNP patch: see How to make use of IrDA

Kernel setup tasks

  1. Make sure the following subsystems are modules (for suspend/resume)
    1. USB (especially EHCI_HCD and UHCI_HCD)
    2. HDAPS (may work compiled in, as well)
  2. Make sure the following subsystems are enabled and not modules (safety net)
    1. ThinkPad SMAPI
  3. Place the following modules (order is important for some of them) on /etc/modules:
    1. hdaps
    2. tg3


udev rules

Debian Sarge software packages

Refer to for instructions on how to setup apt for the repository
  • udev (backported):
  • hibernate (backported):

Software that needs packaging/backporting

If nobody beats me to it, I will package them for official upload to Debian, and official Debian Sarge backports. This requires that the software be properly licensed first, of course
  • hdapsd:
  • pcmcia tools (verify if not already backported)
  • hal (!)

Software that could benefit from re-packaging

  • hsfmodem:

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