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ApogeeInvent is a full solutions software development and design company that has recently partnered with Hydra, MediaTrust, and LinkTrust, three top companies in the network marketing industry.

ApogeeInvent has 35 full-time team members and grosses over a million dollars in yearly sales. From building technology platforms with professional designs to offering business consulting and management, ApogeeInvent has been instrumental in the growth of many companies, including several on the Inc. 500 list.

ApogeeInvent has a full digital product line and provides a wide range of services, including custom programming, web/print design, social media marketing and SEO optimization, content management and copywriting, hosting and eCommerce. The company serves niche markets through subsidiaries Auto Search Technologies, Inc. and Product2Web, Inc. and has entered into several lucrative revenue share agreements with growing entities and celebrity clients. [1] [2] [3]