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My name is Arno Willig, I was born in Oldenburg, Germany on 21.11.1977.
I was a student at the C.v.O.-University Oldenburg, studying computer science and biology.
Now I work as a C++ linux developer in a company which manufactures kiosk systems for the photo-finishing industry. I have got two twin daughters, Leonie and Emma, who were (both :-) born on 13.04.2005.

Arno Willig



  • eMail: akw at users . sourceforge . net
  • ICQ: 20418115
  • IRC: akw @ #oldenburg (ircnet, not very often online)
  • You can retrieve my gnupg key from here.

My Thinkpad:

My latest notebook is a shiny Lenovo X300. I love it. I liberated it from Vista, so it can run Ubuntu 8.10 now.

I also own a Thinkpad T40p which is heavily damaged now. It runs a Debian unstable distribution.