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=Who I Am & Why you should care=
=Who I Am
My name is Andrew Barr and I maintain the following ThinkPad bits for Debian/Ubuntu:
* [http://www.oakcourt.dyndns.org/projects/khdapsmon khdapsmon] -- KDE system tray applet that I wrote to replicate the basic functionality of the Windows HDAPS monitor.
I can be reached at username andrew.james.barr on Google's Gmail if something is wrong with one of the things listed above.
=Latest News=
Happy Easter! at my ThinkPad Debian repository, there are a few new packages:
* gnome-hdaps-applet -- GNOME equivilant of my khdapsmon.
* kernel-patch-tpsmapi
* tpsmapi-utils -- init script for tp_smapi.
Also the hdapsd daemon has a new version.
Please don't use my Debian repo any more. Most of the software there is terribly out of date and now Apache returns '410 Gone' for that URI.

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=Who I Am