Ultrabay Slim Serial+Parallel Port Adapter

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Ultrabay Slim Serial+Parallel Port Adapter (40Y8121)

This is an adapter that slides into an Ultrabay Slim.


  • 1x Parallel (DB-25, ECP/EPP/SPP) port
  • 1x Serial (DE-9, RS-232) port


  1. This adapter has a proprietary connector that requires a special socket to exist in order to function. Unfortunately, most Ultrabay Slim implementations do not have this socket to use this adapter, only a few do in some models.



If this adapter is used along with a docking station that has an identical set of ports, this adapter will be automatically disabled to activate the ports on the attached docking station.

Part numbers

Branded as the ThinkPad Serial/Parallel Port Bay Adapter

  • 40Y8124 (40Y8122)

Models supporting this accessory