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#REDIRECT [[Ultrabay 2000 optical drive#ThinkPad Ultralight 8x DVD-ROM Ultrabay 2000 Drive]]
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=== Ultrabay 2000 Ultralight 8x DVD-ROM Drive ===
This is a DVD-ROM drive for the Ultrabay 2000.
==== Features ====
* Read capabilities
** CD-ROM (24x)
** DVD-ROM (8x)
*Access speed: 190ms
*512 KB buffer
*Weight: 180g (0.397 lbs)
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[[image:UltraBay 2000 Optical Drive.gif|Ultrabay 2000 optical drive]]
=== Actual Drives ===
*Matsushita SR-8176-M
*Hitachi GDR-8081N
=== Part numbers ===
*Marketing PN: 22P9102
*FRU PN: 08K9646 (Hitachi); 27L4355 (Hitachi); 08K9648 (Matsushita)
*ASM PN: 27L4354 (Hitachi)
=== Linux support ===
If connected at boot time, the drive is normally {{path|/dev/sr0}}.
=== Supported with ===
*ThinkPad {{A20m}}, {{A20p}}, {{A21e}}, {{A21m}}, {{A21p}}, {{A22e}}, {{A22m}}, {{A22p}}, {{A30}}, {{A30p}}, {{A31}}, {{A31p}}
*ThinkPad {{R30}}, {{R31}}, {{R32}}, {{R40}}
*ThinkPad {{T20}}, {{T21}}, {{T22}}, {{T23}}, {{T30}}
*[[Portable Drive Bay 2000]]
*[[ThinkPad Dock]], [[ThinkPad Dock II]]
*[[X2 UltraBase]], [[X3 UltraBase]]
=== Vendor documentation ===
*[http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-41089 Product overview page]

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