Ultrabay 2000 HDD Adapter

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Ultrabay 2000 HDD Adapter

This is an adapter that slides into an Ultrabay 2000.


  • One IDE slot for a 2.5-inch, 7 or 9.5-millimeter HDD/SSD/SSHD
  • Activity LED status indicator
  • Weight: 105 grams or 0.23 pounds


  1. This HDD adapter requires a caddy tray/bracket to be screwed onto the 2.5-inch storage drive, however if that is not possible, the screws can be used instead of the caddy tray/bracket.

UltraBay Slim SATA HDD Adapter.gif

Part numbers

Branded as the ThinkPad 2nd HDD Adapter for Ultrabay 2000

  • 08K6068, 08K6067, 08K6066

Linux support

If connected at boot time, the drive is normally /dev/sdb.

Models supporting this accessory