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The tpctl user-space tool, in conjunction with the thinkpad kernel module, provide access to some SMAPI functions on various ThinkPad models. On some relatively new ThinkPad models similar functionality is exposed through an ACPI interface. On some relatively new ThinkPad models a different set of SMAPI features is made available by the tp_smapi driver. On some models the SMAPI interface is not available at all.

For kernel 2.6.3 and newer you need tpctl >=4.14 and thinkpad >=5.5.
For kernel 2.6.9 and newer you need thinkpad >= 6.0.


Various power management options and hardware control. For details and usage, see the README.

Project Homepage / Availability


  • stable
  • maintained (not very actively)

Supported models

See the list of supported models.