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Please support this project!

Wiki Development

If you have experience with your Thinkpad and Linux or some other operation system, please share it with us! A Wiki is only alive if its users extend it regularly. If you disagree with some information found on a ThinkWiki page, please correct it or discuss it with the other users on the talk-pages.

Maintenance costs

The maintenance of the dedicated server (incl. domain reg. fees) running ThinkWiki is very expensive.

At the moment everything is paid privately by akw who is a poor student. :-(

Please support this project and donate a small amount of money:

Donate with PayPal: project-support.jpg

Don't know about PayPal? Read an article about it in the Wikipedia!

Donate by bank transfer:

From Germany:
Institute: Postbank Hamburg
Account no: 962 972 201
Bank code: 200 100 20
Keyword: ThinkWiki

IBAN: DE15 2001 0020 0962 9722 01
Keyword: ThinkWiki

Every single cent which exceeds the annual amount of money I need for ThinkWiki maintenance I will send to the Jane Goodal Institute which supports chimpanzee orphans at the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.


We are also looking for sponsors!