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'''We are also looking for [[ThinkWiki:Sponsors|sponsors]]!'''
'''We are also looking for [[ThinkWiki:Sponsors|sponsors]]!'''

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Please support this project!

Wiki Development

If you have experience with your Thinkpad and Linux or some other operation system, please share it with us! A Wiki is only alive if its users extend it regularly. If you disagree with some information found on a ThinkWiki page, please correct it or discuss it with the other users on the talk-pages.

Maintenance costs

The maintenance of the dedicated server (incl. domain reg. fees) running ThinkWiki is very expensive.

At the moment everything is paid privately by akw who is a poor student. :-(

Please support this project and donate a small amount of money:

Donate with PayPal: project-support.jpg

Don't know about PayPal? Read an article about it in the Wikipedia!

Donate by bank transfer:

From Germany:
Institute: Postbank Hamburg
Account no: 962 972 201
Bank code: 200 100 20
Keyword: ThinkWiki

IBAN: DE15 2001 0020 0962 9722 01
Keyword: ThinkWiki

Every single cent which exceeds the annual amount of money needed for ThinkWiki maintenance we will send to the Jane Goodal Institute which supports chimpanzee orphans at the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.


We are also looking for sponsors!