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A stub is a very short article, generally of one paragraph or less. Most stubs fail to cover all but the most trivial subjects completely. However, this does not mean the stub is not a legitimate article - it just needs to be expanded.

Stub alert!

If you create a stub, please add the following tag at the end: {{stub}} This will make the article display the following text from Template:stub:

This page is a stub

You can help ThinkWiki by expanding it.

It encourages other users to expand the article.

When you've added to the article, and it no longer looks like a stub, remove this message.

Expanding stubs

To expand a stub, you can incorporate and cite references about the topic in books, magazines, or newspapers; visit external links, if any, within the article; or you can search Google or Yahoo! for information about the topic. [This paragraph is a stub and should be expanded.]

Lists of stubs

To find a stub, use the following list (to see what links to this and similar pages):

Stubs category