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IBM ThinkScribe

IBM ThinkScribe

ThinkScribe refers to the digitiser notepad included in TransNote notebooks. The pads digitizer technology was produced by a company called Cross and was produced as a standalone product under the name CrossPad. However, just as the TransNote the CrossPad line of products is discontinued.

The pad combines both the convinience of a classic paper notepad with the one of a digitizer pad that captures your input into digital image data. This required a special pen that includes ink as well as the digitizer technology. Also the pad included some amount of memory to buffer the captured image data.

The concept of the TransNote was to couple this innovative input method with a Thinkpad notebook computer, all together in a standard letter size business shelf. Hence the Thinkpad part of it could use the image data transmitted from the pad and transform it to any usable digital data format like most importantly text.

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