ThinkPad i Series Port Replicator

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ThinkPad i Series Port Replicator

This is a proprietary docking station for models with a CS98 docking port.



  • 1x PS/2 (Mini-DIN 6, keyboard) port
  • 1x PS/2 (Mini-DIN 6, mouse) port
  • 1x Headphone port (3.5mm, TRS)
  • 1x USB 1.1 (Type-A) port
  • 1x VGA-out (DE-15) port
  • 1x Parallel (DB-25, ECP/EPP/SPP) port
  • 1x Serial (DE-9, RS-232) port
  • 1x DC-in (round-tip) socket


  • 1x Floppy connector (17 mm) port


Part numbers

  • 05K5591

Models supporting this accessory