ThinkPad X2 UltraBase

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IBM ThinkPad Dock II

The IBM UltraBase X2 is a portable dock for the X20 to X24 series ThinkPads providing extra ports as well as the originally missing drives and a set of stereo speakers. Together with the ThinkPad it forms a solid unit approximately double the height of the ThinkPad alone. Containing a builtin floppy drive and a full featured UltraBay 2000 slot, it provides flexibility in drive choice as well as the option of a secondary battery for extended working time on the road. The UltraBase X2 doesn't provide a second docking port as the original UltraBase did, hence you can't dock the UltraBase to any of the other docking solutions.


  • 1x Serial (9 pin)
  • 1x Parallel (25 pin)
  • 1x PS2-mouse
  • 1x Floppy disk drive
  • 1x Ultrabay 2000 slot
  • Stereo speakers
  • Kensington security hole

Pros & Cons

  • Positives: Expansion capability, portable
  • Negatives: makes the ThinkPad quite thick, no extra docking port
  • Compatibility: X20, X21, X22, X23, X24
  • Warranty: One Year

UltraBay 2000

The UltraBay 2000 slot in this dock is a full featured one and supports hot swapping with all UltraBay 2000 drives. You can also feed it with the UltraBay 2000 battery pack to extend the overall battery life time.