ThinkPad X2 UltraBase

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UltraBase X2

X2 UltraBase

The X2 UltraBase is a portable dock for the X20 to X24 series ThinkPads providing extra ports as well as the originally missing drives and a set of stereo speakers. Together with the ThinkPad it forms a solid unit approximately double the height of the ThinkPad alone. Containing a builtin floppy drive and a Ultrabay 2000 slot, it provides flexibility in drive choice. It's important to note that the Ultrabay 2000 slot is not compatible with the secondary battery. Also, the UltraBase X2 doesn't provide a second docking port as the original UltraBase did, hence you can't dock the UltraBase to any of the other docking solutions.


Pros & Cons

  • Positives: Expansion capability, portable, hot-docking support
  • Negatives: makes the ThinkPad quite thick, no extra docking port
  • Compatibility: X20, X21, X22, X23, X24

Ultrabay 2000

The Ultrabay 2000 slot in this dock is a full featured one and supports hot swapping with all Ultrabay 2000 drives. However, the Ultrabay 2000 battery pack is NOT supported.

Configuration for ejecting and inserting the UltraBase

Here are some scripts to hotswap the UltraBase.