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This Template links to the USB ID Repository. Its usb.ids file is used by lsusb to display the vendor and device names for the corresponding numeric IDs of the USB device.


Both the four-digit vendor ID and the four-digit device or item ID must be specified.

{{USBID|vendor ID|device/item ID}}

The parameter number 1= and 2= are optional:

{{USBID|1=vendor ID|2=device/item ID}}


Use lsusb to find the USB device in question:

$ lsusb
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 8086:0044 Intel Corp. CPU DRAM Controller

For this USB device, vendor 8086 being Intel Corp. and device 0044 being the processors' DRAM Controller, the following wiki source text will link to the corresponding USB ID Repository webpage:


Output on the displayed ThinkWiki page: