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{{R30}}, {{R31}}, {{R32}}, {{R40}}, {{R40e}}, {{R50}}, {{R50e}}, {{R50p}}, {{R51}}, {{R51e}}, {{R52}}, {{R60}}, {{R60e}}, {{R60i}}, {{R61}}, {{R61e}}, {{R61i}}, {{R400}}, {{R480}}, {{R490}}, {{R500}}, {{R580}}, {{R590}}
{{R14}}, {{R15}}, {{R30}}, {{R31}}, {{R32}}, {{R40}}, {{R40e}}, {{R50}}, {{R50e}}, {{R50p}}, {{R51}}, {{R51e}}, {{R52}}, {{R60}}, {{R60e}}, {{R60i}}, {{R61}}, {{R61e}}, {{R61i}}, {{R400}}, {{R480}}, {{R490}}, {{R500}}, {{R580}}, {{R590}}

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