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This template should NOT be used at this point of time and onward, as most of the Lenovo DS documents' links have been either changed or completely removed. Only a few of them continue to work as intended. If you're planning to fix a dead link that links to a particular DS document, don't. Instead, try to find a static link that doesn't change. For example, some of the HMM files do have a direct link which never changes (but some persistent individuals insist on using this broken template to link to the HMMs, which stopped working after the changes). In the case that the direct link doesn't work and is also broken, try to find an identical page from the webarchive and link it to that instead.

Usage guidelines

Use this template to link to any Lenovo DS documents. The DS and other Lenovo documents are kept in a database system accessed by a base URI. That base URI has been changed at least twice already, which causes a MASSIVE amount of broken links everywhere in ThinkWiki.

By using this template, we can fix them all in a central location.


 {{LNVDOCURL|DS12345|Hardware documentation for ThinkPad AK-47}}