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25.12.2007: intellinuxwireless.org has announced new versions of mac80211 wireless stack and iwlwifi network drivers for Intel PRO/Wireless 4965AGN Mini-PCI Express Adapter and Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Mini-PCI Express Adapter
20.12.2007: New fglrx driver version 7-12 released.
21.11.2007: New fglrx driver version 7-11 (8.433) released.
23.10.2007: New fglrx driver version 8.42.3 released.
12.10.2007: New ThinkPad Reserve edition model officially announced.
12.9.2007: New fglrx driver version 8.41.7 released.
8.9.2007: Lenovo's Inside the Box blog discusses ThinkPad Linux support
5.9.2007: AMD/ATI announces new HD2k Radeon drivers, pledging composite support and significant performance improvements on modern (2.6.22) kernels.