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Usage guidelines

MIGR Documents are being moved to Lenovo's support website, and getting renamed to DC123456 format. Luckily they put in a legacy link we can use for now, but where possible the new format should be used, for which a new LNVDOCURL template has been created.
The IBMDOCURL template should not be used in any case at this point, because most of the links are already dead or they have been completely removed. Please use the LNVDOCURL template if you can, as that template still functions as it should.

Use this template to link to any IBM/Lenovo MIGR documents. The MIGR and other Lenovo and IBM documents are kept in a database system accessed by a base URI. That base URI has been changed at least three times already, which causes a MASSIVE amount of broken links everywhere in ThinkWiki.

By using this template, we can fix them all in a central location.


 {{IBMDOCURL|MIGR-12345|Hardware documentation for ThinkPad AK-47}}