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I just purchased a new Z60t, and, after talking to Lenovo support, discovered that none of the new Z60t series laptops with Intel graphics chips (which is most of their Z60t models as of December, 2005) support DVI output with the Advanced dock. I was told that the Z60m models with ATI chipsets do support DVI, but I can't confirm that.

External Dual-head with addon PCIe card?

My company just bought us brand new T60p's with the Advanced Dock. We all use dual 19" LCDs with out desktops and would like to replace the desktops with our new laptops, but we need to have this dual-head setup. I know this docking station has capacity for a PCIe card, so I would like to add either an ATI or nVidia card that supports 2 monitors on a single card to run our dual 19" monitors. Is this possible? Is there a better/other way to accomplish the same thing? I don't want to use the laptop LCD with an external monitor (though using the laptop LCD *in addition* to the dual external LCDs would be nice!), I want to just use the dual external monitors when the laptop is in the dock. (Note, we're running Ubuntu Edgy Eft on these laptops).

You should theoretically be able to use the TMDS controller (DVI) and one of the DACs at the same time each one sourced to one of the CRTCs, so you could connect one monitor to the DVI port and one to the VGA port for a dualhead set up. --AlexDeucher