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Discussion about the article "Trusted or Treacherous"

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--Pitsche 11:38, 4 Jul 2005 (CEST)


Large parts of this article apparently consist of unattributed, near-verbatim excerpts from a SANE2004 paper by Weis, Lucks, and Bogk, TCG 1.2 - fair play with the 'Fritz' chip?. Regardless of whether one believes that general political/ethical concerns about Trusted Computing belong on a Thinkpad-specific site, wholesale copying of unidentified, and presumably copyrighted, material is not cool, and could get the whole project in trouble.

I would suggest that the non-original parts of this article be removed and replaced by an external link to the above-mentioned paper; any particularly crucial short excerpts (as permitted by "fair use") should be clearly identified as such. The specific information about how the TCG specifications are implemented on various Thinkpad models can stay, of course.

The Source is under Creative Commons, isn't it?

Hello Andrzej,

yes, you are right, this is one of my sources, but I think, it is under creative commons license by-nc-sa 2.0 de.

This license allows to copy, distribute, display, perform or modify the text as long as it is published under exactly the same creative commons license and licensees may not use the work for commercial purposes - unless they get the licensor's permission.

My problem was, I had a lot more sources in a different language than english and my first drafts were way to long!

It didn't worked to keep it that short but detailed, as Ruediger and Adreas wrote it.

But if you think, after my explantion the actual version is still problematic, I will delte it of course!

-- 20:57, 4 Jul 2005 (CEST)