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Quirks/Tips moved to drivers page?

After doing a little cleanup on the page, I began wondering if we should move both the Quirks and Tips information out of this page and into the savage page (for the tips relating to the savage X driver) and into a savagefb page (for the savagefb module) and limit this page to the hardware-related information of the Savage chip. However, since some of the problems (notably the 3D acceleration problems) may be due to interactions between kernel modules (the savage DRM module, the savagefb console module) and the savage X driver, it is not clear exactly where they should be documented and this page seems like a good compromise. Any thoughts? --Kevinoid 15:51, 9 March 2006 (CET)

Should check pages more frequently. I think the Quirks should go to something like a "Problems with the savage driver" page. In fact we also have a problem page about the frozen X pointer, so that should be merged. The rest should go to a page as said above. The tips are both totally out of place. The first one is a generic framebuffer related topic that is valid for all kinds of graphic cards. We might introduce a "Framebuffer options" kind of page to cover that, but actually it's a such generic linux topic that the question arises if it should be dealt with in ThinkWiki at all. The second one is even more generic. It's just stating something really obvious. A place for it would be a generic "Dealing with X" kind of page, it's even not a real issue. If it was for me, i'd just wipe that info, since it's more or less common sense. I'm setting the page on watch now and if nothing happens within a month (i have things scheduled in my life that leave me busy for the next two weeks) i'll deal with it myself. Thanks for pointing it out, feel free to make sensible changes.

Wyrfel 01:54, 10 March 2006 (CET)

Just did the first step: please join any framebuffer kernel options related information into the appropriate table at the Kernel parameters page.

Wyrfel 02:06, 10 March 2006 (CET)

The 800x600 mode is not hard-coded. I tried your suggestion of replacing the 800x600 with 1024x768 but it didn't work. I found that all you have to do is add savagefb.mode_option=1024x768 to your kernel command line (in grub.conf or whatever). Amatus 03:05, 10 July 2008 (CEST)