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I found out a way to get the firmware on a linux-only system. Mine is a debian squeeze, but it should apply to any system.

First, I entered my model number on the Lenovo support page in the right siderow (Select you system / Quick Path) to get to my drivers page. There I clicked to download drivers and on the UMTS drivers. Afterwards I downloaded the "7xwc42ww.exe" driver package.

With wine I was able to install the driver package, but all it does, was unpacking the GOBI driver setup. This one comes packaged as a .msi file, so we have to unpack it:

user@machine:~$ wine msiexec /a ~/.wine/drive_c/DRIVERS/WWANQL/Driver/GobiInstaller.msi TARGETDIR=C:\\DRIVERS\\GOBI

The installer quits with errors, but leaves the files on the disk, success. But now there are several subdirectories, in which the files for the specific network operators reside:

Dir Image Remarks
0 Vodafone Image
1 Verizon Image
2 ATT Image
3 Sprint Image includes special Firmware
4 T-Mobile Image
6 Generic UMTS Image
7 Telefonica Image
8 Telecom Italia Image
9 Orange Image
12 DoCoMo Image includes special Firmware
UMTS Default Firmware the MD5-sum on the page matches these

I found this out by reading the ReadMe.rtf, looking into the UQCN.mbn-Files and apply a little bit of thinking.

Now I'll move the files over and try them out.

So I got the Sprint Image with firmware, how does one flash the Gobi with this firmware?