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Revision as of 05:46, 5 August 2006 by Ladoga (Talk | contribs) (Fix for garbled framebuffer console.)
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After a few resumes with my T43, I get "big green boxes" on my consoles tty1 and tty2. tyy3 to tty6 stays completly black (there should be login prompt). But X still working fine.

This is a minor issue, but anyone with the same problem and a fix/workaround?

--Defiant 13:40, 02 Jun 2006 (CEST)

I have a similar issue on my T60. It seems like the problem is with the framebuffer; that the card is attempting to use the lowest resolution possible when I have the framebuffer set much higher, but that's just my intuition. I'm using hibernate with both EnableVbetool and VbetoolPost set to yes.

An interesting thing is that if I manually call hibernate from an xterm inside X, I get no negative effects. It even fixes the console "big green boxes" if I previously suspended not in X. Also, on resume I see the following messages on the xterm (all previous output is cleared):

 Allocated buffer at 0x11010 (base is 0x0)
 ES: 0x1101 EBX: 0x0000
 Calling INT 0x15 (F000: 5E79)
  EAX is 0x1005F08
 Calling INT 0x15 (F000: 5E79)
  EAX is 0x1005F08
 Calling INT 0x15 (F000: 5E79)
  EAX is 0x5F08
 Calling INT 0x15 (F000: 5E79)
  EAX is 0x5F08
 Calling INT 0x15 (F000: 5E79)
  EAX is 0x45F08
 Function not supported

Any ideas?

-- Deason 05:39, 14 July 2006 (CEST)

Just to update/confirm: suspend to RAM only works if I have X running, and I switch to the console running X after resuming. Editing the ACPI sleep script to switch to vt 7 before switching back to the original console seems to work fine, though. It just means that I can't suspend to RAM if I'm not running X. (Putting a check for that in the ACPI sleep script would also be a good idea.) I've tried using EnableVbetool, VbetoolPost, RestoreVCSAData, and RestoreVbeStateFrom from hiberante, but none seem to solve this without switching to X.

-- Deason 21:48, 16 July 2006 (CEST)

Fix for garbled framebuffer console.

try to add following kernel option to /boot/grub/menu.lst


i think the s3_mode fixed the green boxes for me. (kernel 2.6.16) --Ladoga 06:46, 5 August 2006 (CEST)