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The explanation of the radeonfb fix is getting a bit disorganized; I defer to VB's expertise for the proper unified formulation. The points that should be made are:

  • It is important that the "radeonfb" kernel module gets loaded, even if you don't expect to use the console framebuffer. The default in FC4 (and probably other distros as well) is to just use the standard text-mode VGA driver for the console, and leave graphics to the X server; but the "radeon" driver does not understand power management.
  • The radeonfb module can be loaded either at boot time, using "video=radeonfb", or at some later point (but before starting X) using "modprobe radeonfb".
  • Regardless of how the module is loaded, the parameter "radeon_force_sleep=1" enables the deep-sleep mode on chipset combinations that have not been explicitly whitelisted yet.

-- Andrzej (2005-07-02)

I agree. Loading "radeonfb" is not FC specific. It should be stated in more general. Question is if "radeon_force_sleep=1" is FC specific. If it is so that has to be stated, if not, it should be written in a more general way. However, VB wrote, the fix is not in official kernels, hence i guess it's FC4 specific. VB, will you do the job?