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Finally I can reboot my X24 remotely, great!

The link to download seems dead. Has anyone already downloaded it? Would you be so kind to sent a copy to my emailbox (...) I've been looking for it all over internet and got nothing but this helping hand, please make this available. EDIT: It is online now.

download link dead again

the link to the lice cd ( again is no more available. there is a message: "Diese Datei wurde aufgrund einer Verletzung unserer Nutzungsbedingungen vom Server entfernt." (deleted from server by reason of violation of our terms of use). and i got the same follow-up problem: "I've been looking for it all over internet and got nothing." where can i get the file, or may it be uploaded again? --Jwollbold 18:06, 6 September 2008 (CEST)

i don't get it

I wonder why rapidshare deleted it. THE PATCH IS BASED ENTIRELY ON OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE AND VIOLATES NO COPYRIGHTS WHATSOEVER. If anybody could offer to host this file it would be highly appreciated. My suspicion is that someone tries to SELL cards that do not create the 01c9 error doesn't want an easy fix to be around. Let me know.

Yet another dead download link

I've been making repeated attempts to get this file for several weeks and was happy to see a new link for download. Yet the new file link being hosted at ( is returning an error that the file has been downloaded a maximum number of times. So once more, no luck.


For me, the download link works. Look on the bottom right.

re-up fresh download

update download-source or: