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ThinkPad 560 specs

The article says the ThinkPad 560 uses 16V 3.5A. According to the sticker on the back, my ThinkPad 560 draws 16V 1.9A, and its power supply (P/N 85G6706, FRU 85G6707) provides 16V 2.2A . --Thinker 17:32, 4 February 2006 (CET)

The information i used is pretty vague. Please just correct anything you know better. I didn't find a good source, yet. Wyrfel 14:30, 5 February 2006 (CET)

OK. Are we listing the specs of the laptop or of the bundled AC adapter? The latter tends to have a somewhat higher current rating.

--Thinker 16:02, 5 February 2006 (CET)